#1 Social Media Marketing Course

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Master Your Social Media Strategy
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    • Social Media Mastery: How to WIN in Social Media (a strategic overview)
    • Top Secret Strategies to Dominate Social Media
    • The 3 Types of People In Your Social Media Tribe
  • 02
    Creating Your Social Media Strategy: A Formula for Success
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    • Create Your Very Own Social Media Strategy
    • Get 23 Free Social Media Tools
    • Social Media Design Posting Cheat Sheet
  • 03
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    • How much Time Should I spend on Social Media
    • What social media platform should I be on?
    • How to grow your following on social media
    • What to post and when to post it on social
    • What is the difference between boosted posts and advertisements in Facebook?
    • How to crush Live streaming
    • 4 tips to get livestreaming viewers
    • How to use Livestreaming for business
    • How to make money off... .(insert platform)
    • Is (insert platform) worth the time and energy?
    • Snapchat or Instagram stories, what one will win?
    • Is Twitter DEAD?????
  • 04
    Social Media Tutorials & Success Hacks
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    • The secret trick to finding clients for free using Facebook
    • Stupid easy hacks for Facebook
    • How to get tons of free exposure in Facebook, using this simple tool.
    • Twitter's most powerful tool
    • Twitters most powerful engagement tool, you don't use enough!
    • Crazy cool hack for Linkedin Success
    • How to Save Time and Energy on Social Media with this simply awesome tool
    • How to control the chaos that is Twitter with this tool
  • 05
    BONUS! How to Double Your Instagram Following
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    • Double Your Instagram Following Tutorial with Instagram Influencer: Emelina Spinelli (@ecspinelli)

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