Instagram Video Training

An Online Course to Help You Attract Your First 12,000 Followers

You'll Receive a Video Training & Ebook Guides to Download

Watch my popular 70-minute video training where I walk you step by step how I grew my initial following base to 12K on Instagram. You'll also get access to two ebook guides: "Double Your Instagram" guide including 11 tips to keep the Instagram Algorithm on Your Side, and the "Instagram Post Perfection" ebook.
You'll Receive a Video Training & Ebook Guides to Download

From 300 Followers to 12,000 in Less then a Year— Then to 35K+

After growing my Instagram from under 500 to 5,000+ in 3 months, and to 12,000 in less than a year, I knew I was onto something big. 


I’ve successfully built a following of 75,000+ on my personal Instagram account. I’ve helped hundreds of influencers and brands grow their accounts rapidly, gaining the right exposure and influence.


In this online course and video Instagram training, I’ll show you the simple habits and IG hacks I did to grow my following in such a short amount of time. You don’t need any prior experience, just an excited heart eager to learn.

Included in this Instagram Training

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    Welcome to the Training! START HERE >>
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    • Welcome to the Instagram Training!
  • 02
    Double Your Instagram Following Video Training — with Emelina Spinelli (@ecspinelli)
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    • 2020 Growth Update!!
  • 03
    PDF GUIDES: 11 Tips to Understand the Algorithm & Grow Your Instagram // Instagram Post Perfection Guide
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    • Download the Ebook Guide: "Double Your Instagram Following"
    • Download the Ebook Guide: "Instagram Post Perfection"
  • 04
    How to Work With Emelina
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    • How to Work With Emelina Spinelli, Instagram Expert