Course curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome to Facebook Advertising Breakthrough!
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    • Welcome to the course!!
  • 02
    Facebook Marketing Strategy
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    • Start Here: Facebook Marketing Strategy The 10,000 Foot View
    • The Facebook Page Business Guide PDF
    • Facebook Marketing Strategy PDF
  • 03
    The Beginners Guide To Setting Up Your Facebook Ad's The RIGHT way
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    • Facebook Power Editor Walkthrough
    • Installing Facebook Tracking Pixel
    • How To Target The Perfect Customer
    • How to Track Leads with Laser Focus: Conversion Pixel
    • How Big of An Audience Should I Target
    • 3 Types of Audiences to Target in Facebook Advertising PDF
  • 04
    Creating Your First Dynamic Facebook Advertising Campaign: The Step By Step Guide
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    • 4 Secrets to a Perfect Facebook Post
    • Create Your First Advertisement: A Step By Step Guide to On Demand Leads
    • How to Optimizing Ads: Simple Ways to Increase Revenue
    • Create Ads That Will Blow Your Mind With Absolutely No Design Skills
    • The Facebook Advertising Plan Workbook: Tracking Your Perfect Facebook Ads
  • 05
    Advanced Power Editor: Metrics & Hacks On A Budget
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    • What Metrics To Track: The Backbone to Breakthrough Results
    • The Most Important Metric To Track When Testing
    • How Long Should I Run An Ad? Behind the Scenes with an Expert
    • Facebook Ad Hacks: Be Cheap and Have Massive Returns
    • Set it and Forget it with Ruthless Efficiency
    • How to Minimize Risk and Maximize Profits in Your Ads
    • How to Spy On Competitions Ad's and Reveal Their Secrets
    • The Best Facebook Advertising System: Skyrocketing Success on Demand
  • 06
    Hack the Facebook Algorithm To Show Your Posts & Ads To More People For Less Money
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    • Exploit The Facebook Algorithm for Massive Exposure
  • 07
    Run Your Facebook Ads On A Budget: $1/day Facebook Ad Campaigns
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    • 4 Cheap Advertising Strategies: How to Save Money and Generate Huge Results
    • Creating a Comprehensive Facebook Ad 360º Campaign PDF
  • 08
    How to Create Viral Content for Your Facebook Page
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    • 23 Types of Viral Content You Can Make
    • 23 Types of Content to Post on Facebook - PDF
  • 09
    Final Thoughts + Support Ticket Request
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    • Thank you
    • Testimonial + Feedback
    • Support Email Ticket -

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