200+ Los Angeles, California Stock Photos

Bringing a Southern California Vibe to Your Next Project. Get access to 218 photos for your next creative project, marketing materials, or social media posts for one crazy epic deal. Each photo is less than .50!

A Stock Photo Super Bundle: 

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Including Iconic Los Angeles Photo from:

 Venice Beach, Santa Monica Beach, Malibu Beach, Ocean Views, Gorgeous LA Sunsets, California Palm Trees, Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles Urban Cityscape, Hollywood Sign, Runyon Canyon, Griffith Observatory, And More!

Stock Photo Bundle Includes

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  • 218 Los Angeles Photos

  • +19 Bonus San Francisco Photos

  • +19 Bonus Lightroom Presets [for Desktop]

Samples of the Photos Included in This Stock Photography Bundle

Photos taken in Los Angeles, California

Santa Monica Stock Photos

Santa Monica is known for its laid back beach town vibes. This pack includes the Santa Monica Coastline, the Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Beach, Gorgeous Beach Sunsets, Clear Blue Skies and Palm Trees, and anything beachy. This pack highlights relaxing beach vibes, summer fun, and palm trees.

Venice Stock Photos

Venice is known for surfing the Pacific Ocean Waves, and for the infamous Venice sign. Take in the eclectic, vibrant culture in this pack of Venice-themed stock photos. This pack highlights relaxing beach vibes, summer fun, palm trees, beautiful beach sunsets, the Venice Sign, and surfing.

Malibu Beach Stock Photos

Malibu is known for its muted tones, beautiful beaches and coast line. This pack highlights relaxing beach vibes, blue tones, summer fun, and palm trees.

Los Angeles Stock Photos

Los Angeles is known for it's sprawling beautiful skyline, lush hills, sunsets, palm trees and gorgeous views. This pack includes views of downtown Los Angeles, the view from Griffith Observatory and Runyon Canyon, sunsets, palm trees, the Hollywood Sign and more. This pack highlights the urban scene, summer and Southern California vibes.

Beverly Hills Stock Photos

Beverly Hills is known for it's crisp white aesthetic and luxury living. Take a walk down Rodeo drive with this sock photo pack. You'll see storefronts from Versace, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and more. No trip to Beverly Hills is complete without walking to the Beverly Hills Hotel, seeing luxury cars, and taking a photo with the iconic city sign.

BONUS! +19 Lightroom Presets

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These bright and warm presets are absolutely perfect for bloggers and instagrammers. Looking for that iconic "Instagram influencer look"? You'll find a sunny version in this Lightroom preset bundle. 

The first step to building an Instagram following, is beautiful, lifestyle photos. And if you know anything about Instagram influencers, you know that most of them are using their own Lightroom presets to make every photo beautiful, and match in their feed.

The "California Summer Glow" presets in this bundle will bring the warm California sunny vibe and look to your outdoor photos on Insta (or your blog!).

Lightroom Preset Highlights:

  • 11 Summer Sunny Glow Lightroom Presets for Instagram Photos & Summer Vibes (.lrtemplate)
  • Bonus, 8 Sunset Lightroom Presets to amplify sunsets with stunning colors (includes purple, blue, warm sunsets, b&w, silhouette filters, vintage, and more). (.lrtemplate)
  • Easy to Install and use in Adobe Lightroom
  • Best to use with photos taken Outdoors in natural light

Bonus! 19 San Fransisco Stock Images

This bonus photo bundle includes a variety of photographs taken at the four corners of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, Marshall Beach, as well as iconic landscapes, and the view of San Fransisco's skyline and cityscape from Twin Peaks.

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