Are you an Entrepreneur Building a New Brand? Or are you running an established business, but you're looking to Re-Brand?

Do you feel like branding is just an abstract thing—and thinking about it makes you want to curl up into a ball and say—"I'll do it LATER!"!?

You know it's what separates small, mediocre brands from THE GREATS. Maybe you've even read Marty Neimier's Brand Gap... but you're STILL not sure how to apply real "branding" to your own business. 

You want to brand yourself, but everyone you go to says it's design, a logo, or publicity and you're still not putting it together. "It should be easy" you think. And it shouldn't cost $5k-$10K in "branding packages" from strategists to nail down my direction!

Ultimately, you NEED a BRAND STRATEGY, but have little idea on where to start.

Are you... 

> Frustrated & embarrassed by your current brand?

> Having trouble making clear, concise business decisions on what's right for you and your brand?

> Having trouble establishing yourself as an EXPERT in your market?

> You know that what you do is amazing, but you can't seem to communicate the real value that you provide?

> You don't know what direction to go in visually for your brand and how to best represent yourself?

Well, then you're in luck.

Creating a Brand Strategy will give you CLEAR DIRECTION in your business, and help you establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field.

A brand strategy can be kind of like hiring a Creative Director for your brand. Except instead of directing creative, they direct all your MARKET POSITIONING, VALUES, VISION, CULTURE, and DECISIONS.

Now, replace the salary of a director role with the cost of this DIY self study course. BOOM! Brand Strategy made easy and affordable. 

Welcome to THE BRANDING BLUEPRINT. A formulaic DIY approach to architecting a memorable brand from scratch. 

"I help position brands in an authentic way to leverage their innate strengths and experience, paired with finding a unique white space in the market— eliminating competition."

This level of strategic positioning, develops your brand in a way that...

> Communicates consistent, AUTHENTIC VALUE to the market

> Establishes YOU as THE EXPERT in the market


> Attracts collaborations and PARTNERSHIPS with big, NOTABLE BRANDS


Before I dive much deeper... 

let me tell you how I'm qualified to teach branding.

I've been consulting entrepreneurs, small businesses and brands on building their brand strategies for almost a decade. 

I would work with entrepreneurs, businesses and brands by providing high-impact VIP intensives. We'd develop the brand together, and over the course of 8-16 hours, I'd walk them through architecting their brand to represent their values and their vision for the future. 

I didn't stop at the small business level. I kept working with brands with bigger and bigger opportunties. 

I've worked with some of the top brands in the world — with Fox, Amazon, Microsoft, Honda, Pepsi, Samsung, Warner Brothers, HBO's Game of Thrones, and more.

I helped develop branded partnership and integrated marketing strategies for Fortune 100 brands. Part of my work was to make sure that these brands were being well represented to their vision and values, and that their culture and strategic positioning was being communicated clearly in every integrated marketing endeavor, social media strategies, and Fortune 100 partnerships.

I created the Branding Blueprint because I wanted to make Branding easy and accessible for entrepreneurs & personal brands.

Branding doesn't have to be reserved for corporate brands. This DIY course will  take you step-by-step to develop your very own brand strategy template in a couple of days — without the traditional $5,000 - $12,000+ price tag that strategists usually charge for in-person intensives. 

This course isn't even a fraction of that cost. I could charge over $500 and this would still be crazy valuable. 

This course covers all the same branding elements and techniques that memorable timeless brands use— like Pepsi, Coke and Samsung. 

I've taken my experience working with all types of businesses at all sizes to bring you a branding course that would get you the same results as going through a 1-2 day costly brand intensive, but for under a 10th of the cost. And for less than a day at the spa.



Here's Just a Few of the Benefits You can Receive for Creating Your Very Own Brand Strategy Template

A little of what you can expect.

  • A deep understanding of the value you bring to the market, and what it's worth.

  • Know exactly what your logo can represent and receive the guidelines to get it done

  • Discover what imagery will create the perfect identity for your brand that will attract the perfect clients to you

  • Discover how to incorporate your core values into every fiber of your business and experience what it's like to attract raving fans and clients as a result!

  • Find the magical place in the market (the white space) that hasn't been touched, that you can jump in, to become a thought leader and eliminate competition.

  • Use your values and vision to help make tough business decisions, and to know what clients would be best to serve. 

  • Receive clients that are fun to work with and fuel your business. 

What Happens When You're NOT CLEAR on Your Branding:

The common reality.

  • You receive a mix-match of clients that you call "problem clients". You'd rather sit through a colonoscopy from Wolverine than sit through another session with one of these clients. 

  • Your clients aren't "like you" and they don't "get you". You feel like you're hitting a brick wall when you provide your amazing service for them. They just don't know what to do with you, and often undervalue your work.

  • You aren't having fun in your business. The spark died with your soul when you had to take any client you could to pay the bills.

  • Your website looks like an archaic dinosaur (and although most people love the idea of dinos, they don't love them in marketing). Not creating a branded website is making you look untrustworthy, not to mention all the $ you're missing out on. 

  • You don't know what opportunities are best for you, so you try to do everything, and inevitably fail. 

  • You struggle to make difficult business decisions. You spend hours racking your brain about what you should do and aren't using a set of guidelines or brand values to make decisions from based on for what you stand.

  • Eek. Do I have to keep going? Not having a solid brand strategy reeks havoc on your business. Let's fix this shall we!? 

You get the point... if you want exemplary business results, then you must create a memorable brand!

Well, let's be honest...

You're on this page, reading this because you knew you needed to tighten your branding. Enough of coasting through business without strategy, personality and style.

Authentic, Innovative Branding Gives You an Edge in a Crowded Market

This course takes you through a journey of deep discovery to build your true, authentic brand.

All your work in the course culminates in your very own brand strategy template. 

This template serves as your compass, or blueprint guide. It will guide you on how you will conduct your business, who you will work with, who you will hire. It will represent your brand in every way. The template will help you make decisions around values, position yourself as a leader, and create an authentic experience and culture for your audience, your customers, and your employees. 

Focusing on creating a brand will help you attract...

> The RIGHT Clients

> The RIGHT Partnerships

> The RIGHT Opportunities


> The RIGHT Media

You receive all these concrete benefits all because you got really clear on your value, your strengths, and why people should work with you.

Branding is a compass for your business, and helps you create a strategic vision of the future.

Who Will Benefit from Enrolling in The Branding Blueprint

Who this is for

  • Personal Brands looking to leverage their strengths to build influence, and create a meaningful brand and business from that influence.

  • Businesses looking for concrete branding direction, and are looking to create a "standard" of how things should be done, and how branding looks/feels experientially across the company.

  • Freelancers looking to separate themselves from the noise of an overcrowded market of service professionals. Learn how to stand out, charge more, and know your inherent value.

  • Entrepreneurs looking to startup a new company and pitch for funding. Creating a brand strategy and understanding your brand out of the gate will significantly increase your odds of attracting investors and customers.

This Course is For You If...

  • You're looking to build a brand (or fine tune an existing brand) and need direction, or a roadmap to achieve success.

  • You have a ton of different skills and expertise, but don't know which to highlight and what traits are best to brand yourself with.  

  • You love the process of working things out. You enjoy the journey. This course gently leads you through tough questions that get at the core, and the heart of your brand.

  • You're struggling to stand out in the market. People keep asking "How are you different from XYZ brand?" If people ask how you're different, it means your brand is not obvious. This course is definitely for you.

  • You work with graphic designers but they can't seem to nail your brand. You tell them what you represent, and they design pretty logos, but they're just not on brand. This course will give them the visual guidelines they need to succeed.

  • You are doing well in business, but haven't come to "stand" for anything. You know you were born for Leadership - you're just not sure how to tap into it and how to start.

  • You want to raise your prices, but lack the strategic positioning and confidence to do so. 

  • You know brands are built on relationships, but you're not sure how to scale building relationships and build an audience of fans, from scratch. 

  • You have a great product or service, but it's just not resonating with your audience. If they could just see the amazing value you provide, they'd throw money at you! You'll nail down your value and worth in this course. 

This Course is NOT for You If...

  • You're looking to learn the ins and outs of building a website as well as website video tutorials. Many branding courses out there do go though website development. This one doesn't. The course will cover website structure but not specifically how to build one. 

  • You're looking for a branding course that is more about the design: moodboarding, picking colors, and curating photos. While these are definitely a part of branding, we don't go into the specifics of teaching you how to design your brand. However, the course does cover symbolism, the psycology of colors, meanings behind typefaces and more. This way you have a guide on what you can create, or bring to your graphic designer with a clear idea of what you need. 

  • You like to gloss over deep concepts, and aren't going to do the deep work that this course requires for insight. There are lots of tough questions that when answered, will yield raw, authentic results for your branding.

  • You're looking for a video course. While we've thought about making this a video course, we find that the videos would be less valuable than you reading the material, and jumping into the interactive questioning content. This is an interactive workbook course, with over 15 books, and over 340 pages.

  • You hate to read and write. This course is all about reading and mostly about writing your thoughts, emotions and experiences when prompted. This isn't a passive course. It does require your direct involvement. 

  • You are 100% happy with your current brand and positioning. If this is the case, kudos friend!

8 Robust Branding Modules

The course is built as a series of 12+ Workbooks, and boasts over 340+ pages of interactive content taking you step by step to build your brand. The Modules Include: IDENTITY, VISION, LEADERSHIP, RELATIONSHIP, EXPRESSION, TRUST, EXPERIENCE, BRAND STRATEGY, MANIFESTO, SETTING BRAND GOALS.
8 Robust Branding Modules

What You'll Receive When You Enroll

Get Instant Access

  • 12+ Interactive PDF Workbooks to complete on your computer or your phone/tablet (or you can print them out and do them the old fashioned way by had too).

  • 4 Bonus Interactive PDF Workbooks/Ebooks to support your branding

  • 3 Inspirational Quote Desktop Wallpapers to keep you motivated, & 2 wallpapers for your phone.

High-Impact Branding Modules


    In this module, you'll discover and create your brand identity. Including developing a brand personality (much like a person!), understanding strengths and how to leverage them, building brand values, and creating a brand essence.


    In this module, you'll develop a brand vision that creates your unique, ideal future, and rallies your tribe around you, attracting all the right people to your cause.


    In this module, you'll create the basis for an organization that stands out by tapping into expertise, thought leadership and becoming an expert in your field.


    This module will focus on creating and investing in brand relationships around support, networking and building an active audience/community.


    In this module, you'll focus on creating your outward brand expression. This includes creating the strategy behind your logo, website, content marketing and your guidelines for copywriting.


    This module focuses on building trust around your brand and relationships. You'll go in depth on building brand expectations, execution, developing a track record of credibility, and publicity.


    In this module, you'll focus on developing an experience with your brand that your customers love, and have to have. This includes rallying a supportive tribe/community, developing ideal products, delivering tons of value to your audience, and developing loyalty.


    This module takes all the work from all the modules you developed. Your work culminates in a comprehensive brand strategy template to use as a blueprint for your business.


    This module will help you build a manifesto or rallying cry for your brand that your audience will get behind.

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show details
    • What's In the Course...
    • START HERE: Begin Your Branding & How the Course Works
  • 02
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    • MODULE 1: Welcome to the Branding Blueprint
    • MODULE 2: Discovering & Creating Your Brand Identity (Personality, Strengths, Values, Essence)
    • MODULE 3: Building a Brand Vision that Creates Your Future & Rallies Your Tribe Behind You
    • MODULE 4: Creating Brand & Thought Leadership to Stand Out
    • MODULE 5: Investing in & Creating Brand Relationships Around Support, Networking & Community
    • MODULE 6: Creating Your Picture Perfect Brand Expression (Imagery, Logos, Website, Content, Copy)
    • MODULE 7: Building Trust Around Your Brand and Relationships (expectations, execution, credibility, publicity)
    • MODULE 8: Creating an Experience Your Customers LOVE and Have to Have (community, products, value & loyalty)
    • MODULE 9: Building Your Official Brand Strategy, a Blueprint for Your Brand
    • MODULE 10: Setting Goals to Anchor Your Strategy and Create the Future You Desire
    • MODULE 11: Create a Manifesto —Build a Rallying Cry that Gets Your Audience Behind You
    • Branding Glossary
  • 03
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    • Creating Brand Affirmations to Attract Your Success
    • Name Your Business with this Worksheet
    • Recommended Marketing & Branding Reading & Resources
    • Keep All Your Tesimonials in One Place: The Testimonial Workbook
  • 04
    BONUS: Desktop Wallpapers
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    • Branding Consciousness Wallpaper Downloads
  • 05
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    • Download the Full Course Contents
  • 06
    BONUS! Build Your Brand in 30 Days Workshop
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    • Build Your Brand in 30 Days Workshop Video
    • Build Your Brand in 30 Days Workbook
  • 07
    BONUS! Start a Business Kit — 8 Business Templates
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    • Download the 8 Business Templates
  • 08
    Support Ticket
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“Most courses you take will give surface-level, cookie-cutter questions that you can finish in a day and the only result you get is a waste of your time. This course, when you COMMIT to it, will give you a solid and irrefutable brand and strategy that excites and empowers. This process gently guided me to the brand I have now. I have clear energy around my brand that attracts like-minded and heart-centered entrepreneurs. I truly believe that this course will help prepare you for THOUGHT-LEADERSHIP.”

PR Consultant

Amanda R.

“I've already gained so much clarity from JUST the first ebook. It was such a relief! I am grateful for the Branding Blueprint course every time I open it up and start working on it. It's a game changer for any entrepreneur looking to create a business that matters and solve real-world problems. ”

Personal Trainer

Allison P.

“The biggest feature that makes this any different than any other e-course out there is that the founders [Austin & Emelina] are openly available to support you in your process. I was able to get ahold of Austin without any effort when I needed support and he was there to answer my questions and help me build my brand”


Ryan M.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Answered.

  • After I purchase, when do I get access to the content?

    You'll receive immediate access to download all the files after you make a payment and login to your dashboard.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    You have lifetime access! When we update the course, you'll be automatically enrolled in future updates.

  • Is this for personal brands or businesses?

    Both! All of the content is conducive for both personal brands and businesses.

  • Do you have a return policy?

    We guarantee that you'll be incredibly satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you're not happy with the product — please get ahold of us within 30 days and we'll process your refund. We have a 30-day-money-back-guarantee.

  • What's in the course?

    You'll receive immediate access to 16 PDF Ebooks and Workbooks to download. 12+ of the PDF Workbooks are interactive for you to easily complete on your computer or device (without printing, though if you love to write the old fashioned way, you're welcome to print the books out!). You'll also receive 3 inspirational wallpapers for your desktop computer and phone. Additionally, you'll receive immediate access to any bonuses included and indicated on this landing page.