Your audience should be jazzed to jump into your newest opt-ins, e-course material, or coaching workbooks. And your clients should fall in love with your pitch decks and presentations.


If they bought a course from you, signed up for coaching, or decided to work with you after a pitch— they’ve paid you boat loads of cash to get access to your expertly-deemed resources, and they’re excited!


That is... until they get a glimpse of the monotonous boredom of designed assets that would make hipsters shudder. Ho, hum. Now they have to kick into disciplined high-gear to get through your materials because you didn’t make it easy on the eyes.

You see, the thing is when your business assets don't inspire people—they lose interest in you. You can even lose sales (and yea, we’ve tested this). We know you’re an entrepreneurial badass hottie. And your content is top notch—so match all this drive & enthusiasm with some 74 pre-designed templates to make your marketing entice people to work with you. 


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Your Opt-in & Marketing Templates Can Go The Distance


What's it like having access to all these templates!??            

They’re like having a graphic designer in your pocket — but not ANY designer. It’s like having a 6-figure earning, senior designer and art director helping you with all your business and marketing projects. Yep, meet Emelina Spinelli, the creator.


Spinelli has been doing design for over 10 years, and art direction for over 6. She’s worked with some of the world’s top brands like Fox, Pepsi, Samsung, Coke, Honda, Ford, Taco Bell, T-Mobile and more.


Emelina had strategized and designed pitches for Fortune 100 companies helping them to close over $100 Million in sales just in 2016.


After working with these big wigs, Emelina wanted to share with you her talent, and the same resources and templates that the Fortune 100s use. After all, she should know!



How is this a business in a box you might ask? Well I want to tell you a real life story. I swear on my grand papie’s life this is 100% true.


The other day we had a friend come over while we were creating these templates. She is an entrepreneur and coach that helps 6-figure earning men get high-end PR and media attention. We asked her for a favor to quickly give us some feedback as we wanted to make sure it worked for someone like her.


I kid you not, she literally threw money at us. Her exact words where “I know you aren’t done but I need this now. I have a new course and program that I am making and I keep putting creating my next revenue stream on back burner because I can’t design.”


We had our first sale before it was even live.


This is the kind of value that’s in this business treasure box, and this incredible bundle.


The business treasure chest is filled with 60 Business and Marketing templates for you to dominate the market.


Join the dozens of new customers, creating jaw- dropping marketing -- by clicking the big button below.


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74 Pre-Designed Marketing Templates

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- 74 Pre-Designed Marketing Templates built in Mac Keynote & Windows Powerpoint for Easy Editing

- Google Fonts used in the designs

- 200+ Unlicensed Curated Collection of Stock Photos

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